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Though PSP is designed for portable usage, when players are at home, they may be more excited to play it on bigger screen. LKV7000 PSP to PC Converter converts component video of PSP 2000 or PSP3000 to PC VGA, and display it in full screen on PC monitor or LCD. With LKV7000, PSP players no longer need to fix their eyes on the small PSP screen all day.

The  most innovative technique of this PSP to PC converter box is it achieves full screen display on PC or TV Screen, solving the problem of only partial display on PC or TV screen by other normal conversion. It is purely hardware design, plug and play.




- Input: 1 x Component Video (connect the PSP in); 1 x VGA (Connect the PC host in); 1 x Stereo Audio L/R;
- Output: 1 x VGA (Connect PC screen or LCD), 1 x Audio;
- Component Video resolution: 480P;
- PSP and PC host can be connected to LKV7000 at the same time. Switch by 1 click between PSP and PC window.
- Auto-save configuration and PSP game status when power off;
-Applicable with PSP 2000 and PSP 3000;
- OSD(On-screen Display)

Innovative Technique of LKV7000:




It acheives full-screen display of PSP on PC monitor, while normal conversion or direct connection could not. Lenkeng owns the patent of this technique.

It supports multiple VGA Resolution:
1280x1024@60Hz,1440x900@60Hz, and Both 4:3 and 16:9/16:10 wide screen are supported.


Motion Compensated 3D Wavelet Video Coding Technology is applied with LKV7000. Moving video  is without screen jitter and tailing phenomenon,.and provides more natural and rich RGB color.

 LKV7000 PSP to PC Converter is with scaler function, up-scales PSP resolution 480x272 to MAX. 1400x900.

LENKENG Owns the patent of PSP to PC Converter full screen display technology:



Connection Image


Interface Specification






(1)Y-Pb-Pr Connect YPbPr interface of PSP cable
(2)R/L Connect Audio L/R cable of PSP cable
(3)PC Audio In Connect PC Audio
(4)To PC sound box Connect Sound Box
(5)LED Indication Red: PC host input; Green: PSP input
(6)Resolution Select output resolution
(7)Zoom Switch output picture into full screen display
(8)Switch Switch between PSP input and PC host input
(9)DV/5V Connect power supply
(10)PC VGA In Connect PC Host
(11)To PC Monitor Connect PC Monitor






VGA cable
1 pcs
PSP cable
1 pcs
3.5 Audio cable
1 pcs
Power Supply
1 pcs
User manual
1 pcs
Package Box
1 pcs


Package Info:



  Weight (KG) Dimension (LxWxH cm)
Product 0.259 12.7X10.6X3.5
Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box) 0.81 25X17.5X7
Carton Box (20pcs) 13.68 51X39X40

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