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  • LKV331 3D 3x1 HDMI Switch
    LKV331 3D Share your HDMI sources with a single HD monitor. This 31 HDMI Switch allows you to switch between 3 HDMI sources (set top box, DVD players, video game stations, etc.) and your HD monitor easily. This switch passes both digital an}
    Time:Jan 13, 2014
  • LKV501 3D 5x1 HDMI Switch with Remote Control
    LKV501 3D The 5x1 HDMI Switch routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the five sources to one HDTV. Five inputs accommodate the simultaneous connection of up to five HDMI sources}
    Time:Jan 13, 2014
  • LKV344 3D 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch with Remote Control and RS232
    LKV344 3D LKV344 4X4 HDMI Matrix Switch is a full routing type 4-by-4 HDMI Matrix Switch, and any one of input sources is able to be displayed simultaneously on 4 displays. It offers HD video solution for super market; shopping Mall; HDTV,}
    Time:Jan 13, 2014
  • LKV342 3D 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch with Remote Control
    LKV342 3D This 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch is with 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. It is a true matrix and can distribute any one of 4 sources to either of 2 displays, and can work as a splitter to show the same source on 2 displays simultaneo}
    Time:Jan 13, 2014
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