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LKV351 VGA / Component Video + 3.5mm Audio to HDMI Scaler


If you have PC or laptop with VGA output, or you have a device like PSP, DVD, Wii, X-box, with component output, and you wish to connect it to an HDTV, then LKV351 is one of your solution.
LKV351 is with real scaler function up-scales a standard analogue VGA signal or Component Video with audio to a single HDMI output. The output is fixed at 720p to avoid compatibility problem.



-LKV351 is a VGA (with audio) to HDMI Scaler + Component  (with audio) to HDMI Scaler all in one box;
-It is with high-quality scaling chipset to up-scale PC VGA or Component Video (YPbPr) signal to standard HDMI;
-Compared with VGA to HDMI Converter without scaler, the advantage of LKV351 is it works with all brands and models of PCs and HDTVs. There is no resolution compatibility problem and users need not set the resolution of PC and HDTV;
-Input: 1 x VGA, 1 x Component Video (Y Pb Pr), 1 x 3.5mm AUDIO (it can be conencted to Audio L/R by a 3.5mm to Audio L/R cable);
-Output: 1 x HDMI;
-PC VGA Resolution: 640x480(60Hz;75Hz,85Hz),800x600(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz),1024x768(60Hz,75Hz,85Hz),1280x720  (60Hz),1280x768 (60Hz,75Hz,85Hz), 1280x720(60HZ), 1280X800(60HZ), 1280x960 (60Hz);
-Component Video (YPbPr) Resolution: 480i (60 Hz), 480P (60Hz),576i (50 Hz), 576P (50 Hz),720P (50Hz,60Hz),1080i (50 Hz, 60 Hz), 1080P (50 Hz, 60 Hz).

 LKV351 is with real scaler function, and the output resolution is fixed at 720P to avoid compability problem.


Connection Image



VGA cable
1 pcs
3.5 Audio cable
1 pcs
Power supply
1 pcs
User manual
1 pcs
Package Box
1 pcs


Package Info:


  Weight (KG) Dimension (LxWxH cm)
Product 0.161 14.8X9.3X2.5
Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box) 0.601 25X17.5X7
Carton Box (20pcs) 13.02 51X39X40

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