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LKV362 SCART to HDMI 1080P Converter with Scaler


LKV362 SCART to HDMI Converter up-scales SCART (including RGB, Composite Video and Audio L/R) signal from devices such as Sky, Sky+, Standard DVD player, Wii Console, etc. to HDMI 1080pp. It is with real scaler function, and output resolution is fixed at 720P or 1080P to avoid compatibility problem.


-Scales SCART signal (RGB or Composite Video) to HDMI 720p or 1080P;

-HDMI output: 720P/60Hz, 1080P/60Hz;

-SCART audio is integrated into HDMI out as well as pass-through to earphone or sound box output;

-Automatically detect RGB 50/60HzComposite Video NTSC/PAL;
-Auto-store setting of output resolution.



Connection Image



Interface Specification




  1. To connect 5V power supply

  2. To connect HDMI display

  3. To connect sound box or earphone

  4. To connect input devices with SCART  




Power supply
1 pcs
User manual
1 pcs
Package Box
1 pcs





Package Info:



  Weight (KG) Dimension (LxWxH cm)
Product 0.265 15.6X8.4X2.8
Gift Box (1pcs with accessories and gift box) 0.552 25X17.5X7
Carton Box (20pcs) 12.04 51X39X40


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